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What To Eat Before Go To Scuba Diving?

Eat a small breakfast. Eat at least two hours before you dive.  IIn fact, eat a little less than you normally would have. Drink water up to one-half hour before you dive. stay away from alcohol. Eat high-carbohydrates foods like  boiled eggs, low-fat cookie, Sandwitch etc.


What Is Best Time To Do Scuba Diving In A Day?

In Tarkarli-Malvan, Scuba diving starts at 9 o’clock in the morning and ends up at 2 to 3 o’clock as per the weather condition on that day.

Which is the best season to do scuba in Tarkarli?

As Tides play a much bigger role in affecting underwater visibility From November to February is the period when the seas are the calmest. Best replica watch siteIn this season surface conditions are best for diving.

Is Scuba Diving Available In Rainy Season?

No, Scuba diving is possible when sun light reaches to bottom surface of sea. In rainy season we hardly found sunlight because of cloudy atmosphere.  So scuba is not possible in rainy season.

When I can do scuba in India?

Normally winter and summer season is the best period for scuba diving. As winter starts in October and summer ends with May month in India, October to May is best period to do scuba.

Should I Close My Ears While Doing Scuba Diving?

No,When you go deep,Your body is equalizing pressure by releasing air through your ears.

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