Tourist Spots

Tarkarli Beach : 

Tarkarli seashore is known as the clean sea shore in Malvan. The ‘Suru’ plantation near the Tarkarli Beach is the main attraction at this place. Tarkarli Sea is 20 feet deep. One can easily spot Dolphins in this part of sea. One can really have a great time at this beach. It is a best place to enjoy your day.

Sindhudurg Fort : 

Sindhudurg fort is situated in the middle of the deep sea.
Shivaji Maharaj built this fort around 400 years ago. The place where this fort is situated is called ‘Kurne Island’. This fort is spread over 39 acre. There are various temples,caves, wells etc. on this fort. Few people stay permanently on this fort and there is a school as well. One can get to see sword of Shivaji Maharaj and his hand print and foot print as well.One would be really amazed to see the different cannons on the fort.

Dandi Sea Shore(Dandi beach) :

The part of the sea which is exactly in front of Sindhudurga is regarded as Dandi sea because of the temple of Dandeshwar. Every evening,fresh fish is auctioned on this sea shore.Tourists gather here in huge numbers to see this auction. Dandi area is regarded as afishermen’ s area.

Devbaug Sea Shore : 

Devbaug sea shore offers a fresh and pleasant beach.It is located at 10 Km from Malvan. Devbaug is an island.One can see a confluence of Arabian Sea and the ‘Karli’ river at Devbaug beach. At the confluence one can get a clear view of the soothing river on one side and sea with continuous waves. Dolphins could be spotted  at this place.

Chivla Beach : 

Chivla beach is located in Malvan. People flock to this place every evening to witness a beautiful sunset. Chivla beach is hardly half a kilometre long. The two ends of Chivla beach are very famous in Malvan. One end is the rock garden and the other end is a full of coconut trees. Tourists enjoy collecting sea shells at this beach. This sea shore is the safest for swimming. One can find various good hotels near to this beach.

Malvan Port (Jetty) : 

Malvan port is the port for going to various forts in Malvan. Boats coming from different places take a halt here. One can go to various forts from this port. One needs to buy a ticket here to go to the fort. Along with the various shops, one can buy various handicraft items made from coconut tree waste. Bungee Jumping facility is provided at this place.

Tondawali Seashore (Beach) : 

Tondawali beach is equally clean and beautiful as Devbaug beach.
This sea meets ‘Gadnadi’ at ‘Talashil’. On one side of Talashil, Ozar, Rewandi, Kolam, Caves, water spring and Brahmaswami cave is a must see. Goddess Bhadrakali temple is also situated at the same place.A narrow belt of coconut trees at Talashil offers a great view.

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Rock Garden :

This is a garden of rocks and stones.This garden became famous due to various rocks at this place. There are various trees, flowering plants and even various equipment for kids like slide, swing, see-saw, mini train etc. Due to huge rocks we can experience tall waves here.  The atmosphere is very pleasant and one can me surely get to experience the fresh air.This garden was built in the year 2005 and various renovations have been carried out since then. Millions of people visit this place every year and experience a beautiful sunset and colourful lights show.

Jai Ganesh Mandir : 

Jai Ganesh Mandir is located at half a kilometre distance from Malvan.It is one of the beautiful tourist spots. This temple has been constructed by ‘JyotishBhaskar’ Jayant Salgaonkar. The Ganesh idol of this temple is made in pure gold and is believed to fulfil all wishes. People visit this place in huge number to see the golden idol. The temple is decorated with Ganesh  idols in various postures.

Suvarna Kada : 

Suvarna Kada is known is the tallest edge of Malvan.  There is a big plateau on this edge. This edge is located between Chivla beach and Talashil creek. This place is a photographers’ delight. One can capture amazing pictures of deep sea and lush green plateau.

Bharadi Devi Mandir : 

This temple is situated in Aanganewadi gaon in Malvan. Every year in February a big festival of goddess takes place here. Every year the date may differ. The devotees come to know about this date just three or four months in advance. This festival of Goddess is celebrated for 3 days and 3 nights with complete enthusiasm and vigour. The added attractions here are various shops and giant wheels which add flavour to the fair.

Devbaug Tsunami Island : 

This island is a miracle of nature. This island is different from regular islands as on the island as well one can find five feet deep water and the surrounding sea water is about 20 feet deep. During the high tide if someone observes from the seashore one can think that a person standing one the island has water hardly to his knee length. Various water sports and boating activities are conducted on this island. Many foreign tourists come here to enjoy its backwaters. This place is regarded as Tarkarli creek. This place gets the name due to 2004 Tsunami as this island got created during that time.

Houseboats in Devbaug : 

There are various houseboats available in Devbaug for tourists. House boat is a house built in big boats. There are about five rooms in the house boats. These houseboats travel from Tarkarli to Bhogawe beach. The approximate cost of these house boats is around Rs.4000 to Rs.5000 per night. One can enjoy the pleasure of travelling on a cruise while travelling by a house boat.  MIDC has provided house boats in ‘Suru’ garden which cost about Rs.2500 per night.