Why Scuba Diving Training Is Important?

Why Scuba Diving Training Is Important?

When you plan for scuba diving then you have many options for your choice of dive centers those offer training and certification courses in scuba diving through a variety of training agencies like PADI, SSI. This training is costly and trainee has to give proper time for this activity. In Tarkarli you are doing scuba in shallow depth. So basic training is necessary in which you learn how to breath, how to float and how to communicate using gestures under water.


  • Jon Holmen | Jan 14,2018

    Hi. I am planning for a trip to Tarkarli.
    I took a scuba diver certificate in 1995. It was a NAUI certificate.
    I have not been scuba diving after that. But done a lot of snorkelling.
    And free dives.
    But I need some refreshment of training before I can do scuba again.
    Will, in general, the training given before diving in Tarkarli, be sufficient for me before diving?

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