Dhamapur Lake

Dhamapur Lake is located near the western region of Sindhudurg, it is famous for crystal clear waters. It’s possible to see the bottom of the lake during clear and turmoil free weather. The lake covers almost 10 acres with water and more with the other related activities including water sports, entertainment and Eateries. The lake apart from water sports also has boating facility for the less adventurous or the more romantics.
This man-made lake was constricted in 1530 by the king Nagesh Desai [A tributary of Vijaynagar dynast] and has beautiful scenic hill ranges on its two sides. The deans’ forest and orchard surrounding the lake has made this one of the most beautiful lake in Maharashtra. Tourist easily feels the change in the atmosphere once they reach the spot. The region has also a rich verity of flaura and fauna.

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