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What Are The Different Spots For Doing Scuba Diving In Malvan?

In Malvan

1. There are four Scuba diving points at Sindhudurga fort.
2.Chivla beach Scuba Diving . Kavda Rock Scuba Diving
3.Tarkarli Scuba Diving
4.Devbaug Scuba Diving
5.Dandi Scuba Diving

One can enjoy Scuba Diving at any of the above mentioned spots.

Can People With Glasses Enjoy Scuba Diving?

Yes. The goggles used in Scuba diving are made from magnifying glasses. So the person can see things clear. So, even a person with glasses can do scuba diving.

What is Coral?

Corals are marine invertebrates.  It grows by only one inch per year.

What Different Things One Gets To See While Doing Scuba In Malvan?

While doing Scuba diving in Malvan one gets to see different types of colourful fish, crabs, cutter fish, angel fish,colourful coral reef and rich aquatic life.

What Is The Difference Between Professional Diving And Deep Sea Diving?

Professional diving is done in 10 feet to 25 deep water where as deep sea diving is done in 50 to 60 feet water.

  • Rates for professional diving : Rs.500 to Rs. 1500  for 20 minutes
  • Rates for Deep sea diving: Rs. 4000 to Rs.5000 for 45 minutes

Where Can One Find The Cheapest Rate For Scuba Diving?

Malvan  offers the cheapest rates for scuba diving if compared to all other places in the world. In order to fit the adventure sport like Scuba diving to everyone’s budget and to make it available to the common man the rates are kept as low as Rs.500.

What Is The Suitable Age For Doing Scuba Diving?

Minimum age required for doing scuba diving is 11 years. One needs to be completely physically and mentally fit for doing Scuba diving.

What Is The Required Training For Scuba Diving?

We cannot talk when we are under water. We need to follow various signs like OK, Up sign, Thumb sign, Deep Sign , problem sign etc.  One needs to do breathing underwater with the help of provided equipment.

Is The Clarity Of Water Different Every Month?

Yes the water clarity is different every month. This happens due to changes in weather conditions.

The water clarity is as follows:

  • October:  60% clear
  • November to January: 100% clear
  • February to March: 80% clear
  • April: 60 to 70% clear
  • May:  40% clear

What Is The Best Period For Scuba Diving And Why?

November to January could be regarded as the best period for Scuba Diving as the weather is pleasant and water is stable. One can get good and clear pictures and videos while doing scuba diving.