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Is There Any Age Bar To Dive In Tarkarli?

Most scuba diving certification organizations offer scuba diving courses for children as young as 8 years of age. Not all children who want to learn to dive are mature enough to pursue the sport, and many dive instructors feel that teaching kids to scuba dive is unnecessarily risky. Any physically fit old age person can do […]

Can I Do Scuba Diving By Wearing Glasses?

Some expert divers require correcting their vision to see clearly. What options do they  have to correct their vision while diving? There are two options available: using prescription masks; and the other is using your contact lenses. In many cases the off the shelf lenses will do a good job of correcting your vision. In […]

During Scuba Diving, Is Pressure Generated Under Water?

Yes, air has a weight. The weight of air exerts pressure on your body. The deeper a diver descends, the more pressure it exerts on their body. To avoid a pressure-related injury (such as an ear barotrauma) a diver must equalize the pressure. Most beginner dives are conducted in the first 40 feet of water for […]

Where We Can Do Scuba In Tarkarli?

In Tarkarli, there are 7 different points where we can do scuba. As per the visibility we numbered the points as bellow 1.    King’s garden point 2.    Rewala point 3.    Reti point 4.    Dharan point 5.    Juva Point 6.    Achara point 7.    Chivla point In Tarkarli, there are 7 different points where we can do […]

Why Scuba Diving Training Is Important?

When you plan for scuba diving then you have many options for your choice of dive centers those offer training and certification courses in scuba diving through a variety of training agencies like PADI, SSI. This training is costly and trainee has to give proper time for this activity. In Tarkarli you are doing scuba […]

Can One Dive With Asthma, Diabetes, Cancer, Or Heart Disease?

Diabetec, heart disease and other conditions that increase the chance of something going to be wrong down the sea is strictly avoided.